Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Peace, Comfort, and a Desire to Return

Last night I attended the temple and realized it has been far too long. The temple brings me outside of myself, my internal struggles, and things that do not matter. I left with a sense of peace, comfort, and a desire to return.
Today I am at a conference in Ogden. During the lunch break I have been able to sit out under a tree in front of the Ogden Temple. As I contemplated my blessings I desire to be a little better, do a little better, and show greater gratitude for the many who constantly help along the way.
I truly feel blessed and loved by God and I will better serve him.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Beauty in My Backyard

 I love to walk and run on the Jordan Parkway Trail in my neighborhood. I have also wanted to start photographing the beauty in my backyard. I hope to take some photography classes in the future, in the mean time I live in a beautiful place!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Grandpa Bellows

 At age 93, my Grandpa Bellows passed away on May 22, 2017.
 I am so grateful he is with his true love, Grandma Bellows, again!
 The viewing was held on May 24,2017.

 Dad, Uncle Randy Olsen, Uncle Darrell Beardall, and Uncle Eldon Louder.
 The funeral, on May 25th, was a wonderful celebration of his life and the great joke and story teller he was!

 Being a member of the Army Aircorp in World War II lead to honors at the cemetery that I will never forget!

 Aunt Kris, Aunt Mary, and Aunt Linda are the only family members left.
 The cousins who were able to attend, on such short notice. So grateful for the family heritage we all share!
As Grandpa use to say, the Church is true and spring will come! Love you Grandpa and I hope you are enjoying this spring with Grandma!

Continued House Clean Out

 On May 20, 2017 we continued to help my dad to clean out his house. Spencer and Andy found some great treasurers!

 Dad and the crew took a load to the dump!

 Calvin found a pot he kept sitting on, I told Kerri it would be great for potty training! Calvin did not love that idea!

Called to Serve

 My nephew, Caleb Horton, received his mission call to Cincinnati, Ohio on May 18, 2017! He leaves the end of August!
It was great to see the support of so many family members and friends!

Happy 43 to Me

 I celebrated my 43rd Birthday on May 11, 2017. Thanks to Kris and Michelle for making it special that day and to my family for the awesome picnic in the park May 13th!

Lance Jason Daughters

 Denny and Deah Daughters brought, new baby, Lance into the world on May 8, 2017. He was a few weeks early, but a healthy baby boy!

 So happy for the new parents and so thankful I got to be a part of this experience!