Thursday, October 19, 2017

Beautiful Hawaii

 On our last days in Hawaii we spent time at the beach and the pool. We flew home on the night of October 14th. On our trips to the beach the car was packed!
 On the night of the 13th Dad and Marianne wanted to celebrate there marriage by exchanging rings on the beach. They could not have picked a better night or location!

 Our final sunset was the perfect way to end our trip!

 What an awesome trip with such amazing people! I am truly blessed by my family!

 Brad and Kim are such amazing examples and blessings in my life! So kind of them to invite us on this wonderful adventure!

Beaches, Libraries, Hilo Hattie, and the Temple

 On October 12th we enjoyed a beautiful day at Kekaha Kai Beach. The water was so many colors of blue and the sand was so fine. 
 When we went to a burger place for lunch I saw this sign on the wall and I loved it!
 Of course I found the library, or should I say it found me, haha!

 We did a little shopping and accidentally came upon a Hilo Hatties. We had to take a picture in honor of Mom.
 We went to the Kona Temple and loved the beauty of the nature and spirit found there.

 In the evening we went back to the fishing ponds and to a "secret" pond where fish suck bacteria off your feet. Very cool experience!
Beautiful Hawaii!

Beautiful Waterfalls

 On October 11th I stated the day running through the lava fields. It was really hot, but showed me a whole different side of the island. 
 We then drove around the island to see some beautiful views and amazing waterfalls!
 The first stop was a waterfall with black sand at the shore in the Waipi'o Valley. It was so beautiful!

 We then stopped for some awesome shave ice....
 We then went to Akaka Falls. This is the waterfall used in the movie, Jurassic Park. It falls over 400 feet and is amazing!

 We saw this big tree in a cemetery in Wainaku and just had to stop.
 We ate an AMAZING restaurant called Pineapple in Hilo. I don't usually take pictures of food but this was sooooo good! 
 Our last stop was Rainbow Falls, I got some great shots of the falls and the beautiful nature in the area!

What an amazing experience!

Hapuna Beach and the Beauties of Puako

 On October 9th we spent the whole day on Hapuna Beach and at the pool. It was a beautiful day and I love enjoying the sound of the ocean and reading.
 I explored more of Puako on October 10th by heading down a trail to some petroglyphs. 
 The trail was really cool and the petroglyphs were awesome! They are unsure of the purpose of the petroglyphs, but they were fun to see. 

 I also walked along the sea shore and loved the beautiful colors along the way!


 On October 7th I flew with dad, Marianne, Kim and Brad to the big island of Hawaii! We flew in to a beautiful sunset and beautiful weather! We almost missed the flight when Dad did not have a enough batteries for his oxygen machine. Through sheer faith and blessings we were able to get a third battery and barely make the flight!
 When we got to the house I found bar soap in the room I was sleeping in, by chance? I think not, we all know how I LOVE bar soap, yuck!
 On the morning of the 8th I went out exploring in some lava tubes, very cool views and lava rock!

 While walking through the lava tubes, I found this very interesting cave that is believed to be an ancient home for the natives in the past.

 The trails and views were so unique and beautiful!

 I came to a fishing pond that has been maintained for hundreds of years. I thought the palm trees growing out of the water were very unique. 

 At the edge of the fishing pond was the ocean, so beautiful!
 Later in the day we enjoyed the beach, Dad and Marianne had an awesome time! We did some snorkeling and just enjoyed the beauty of the ocean and the sound of the waves!
 We went to a white rock beach in Puako for the sunset. The black lava rock against the white coral rock was a beautiful contrast!

 The sunset started rather mild and we had little expectation and then it exploded with color....

 I took some amazing shots with Marianne, she is a great photographer and the scenery could not have been better!

What a sight, God has truly created a beautiful earth that I am thankful to explore!